Vanessa Ferrari

2006 World Champion


The first (and only!) Italian World Champion.

Vanessa Ferrari, the best Italian gymnast of all times. She is the one with the most medals in Italy and internationally and the only World Champion.

She is a strong young woman and she has always had one goal, since she started doing Artistic Gymnastics when she was 7 years old: becoming the World Champion. She reached her goal only nine years after she timidly started.

Vanessa, who took part in many Olimpic Games, has got two nicknames: “The Butterfly”, the most known, and… “The Cannibal”, which becomes clear only when you see her in a competition or during training!

These two words are in contrast, but they best represent Vanessa’s two competitive personalities which make her the only and the unrivalled one, even today.

Vanessa “The Butterfly” – as her tattoo on her left ankle reminds us – is the graceful gymnast with light movements, whose expressiveness is able to highlight the female side of this sport. At the same time, her perseverance, her working hard and her never giving up show us Vanessa “The Cannibal”.

Nonetheless, Vanessa – Vany for whose who know her well – is above all a big dreamer. A dreamer who can imagine impossible goals and make them possible.

Go for it, Vany!!!

Today, Vanessa is busy trying to get back in perfect shape to compete at the highest levels with the National Team at the Tokyo Olimpics in 2020.

Her biography can be found in a book, “Effetto Farfalla” (Butterfly effect), published by Mondadori. She took part in many TV programmes as a public figure and she is testimonial of many campaigns for many international brands. When she doesn’t train, Vany organises workshops around Italy to pass on her passion and inspire new and young gymnasts to give their best.

Vanessa has teamed with Sigoa since 2016 and the #VolaconVany leotards Collection is dedicated to her.