Marco Lodadio

Marco Lodadio was born in Frascati on the 24th March 1992. He his a gymnast in the Italian National Team and he was in the juniores team for the first time in 2008. From that moment he has always taken part to World Championships and in various editions of the European Championships.

2010: on the podium!
Marco became internationally famous at the Juniores European Championship in Birmingham in 2010, where he won the bronze medal in the juniores final for spinning. He was able to get on the podium thanks to two almost perfect jumps and a total of 15.275 points: this was a really important result.

Marco was Absolute spinning Champion in 2011 and 2012.

2013: The World Championship in Anversa
The year 2013 is, again, very important for Marco; after a triangular competition involving Norway and Standford (USA), he was part of the Italian Team in an international context, at the Antwerp World Championship. He won two bronze medals in the finals of the Absolute Italian Championship.

His success allowed him to go to the Nanning World Championship in 2014, where he reached the thirteenth place with the Italian National Team.

2015 : A crisis becomes a great opportunity
In 2015 he underwent a short but deep crisis that motivated him to become stronger than before and to have a new approach and new perspectives, in addition to the great talent he already had. The new Marco was a winner and competitions showed it.

2016 – 2017 – 2018: confirmations!
The year 2016 represented the last confirmation: thanks to Marco’s contribution, Italy was in the finals at the European Championship in Bern. He got the highest score at rings and spinning; his excellent performance allowed the Italian National Team, after six years, to enter the finals among the best eight European teams and to come seventh. He was Absolute Champion of rings.

He got great results in 2017: two silver medals at rings in the World Championships and he almost got to the finals. He also was Absolute Champions of rings.

He got a medal at the World Championship in 2018; he won the silver medal for rings at the Mediterranean Games and he was Absolute Champion for rings in July, before leaving for the Glasgow European Championship, where he reached the team finals with the Italian National Team.

Marco is currently training for the World Championship.