Sigoa launches the Marco Lodadio Inspire Collection Line

#youmustbethechampion is a new line consisting of a training body and technical t-shirt inspired by the great champion Marco Lodadio.

You must … be the Champion is the motivational phrase that Marco carries tattooed on his breastplate on the side of his heart and that has inspired him for years to achieve ever higher results until supporting him in becoming the Champion he is today.

That same sentence to which Marco is deeply connected, today is reproduced on a classic blue and white body and on a technical training T-shirt in the oil green and black fashion colors, to inspire more and more athletes to fly to the top high on the podium.

The fabrics with which the garments are made are all high-tech, highly breathable and comfort to accompany even the most intense workouts from great champions.

With this line created in collaboration with Marco Lodadio and to which other garments will soon be added, Sigoa underlines its growing dedication to the masculine universe of gymnastics, ever more careful to wear performing garments but also with strong aesthetic appeal.

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