Sigoa launches the all-male Super Powers Leotards Collection

The Super Powers Leotards Collection is a line of racing bodysuits with super powers worn by Nicolo ‘Mozzato and Carlo Macchini during the recent 2019 Absolutes.

The lines and colors of the models are inspired by the gymnastic characteristics of the individual athletes: Air. Fire. Iron. Ice. The fabrics are all High-tech, breathable and comfort.

Air. Azzurro and its declinations for the model worn by Nicolò Mozzato in the race for the Absolutes for those who want the lightness and elegance of air in every movement.

Fire. Fire red and black for those seeking grit and power in the race just like the gritty Carlo Macchini.

Iron. Gray and black for those who want to express a physical and mental steel power just like Marco Lodadio.

Ice. Ice white for those looking for flawless perfection on every tool like Ludovico Edalli.

A line that gives technical and performance inspiration from a true champion to the wearer.