SIGOA is Official Partner of the Italian Gymnastics Federation

Starting from the 1st January Sigoa will be the Official Partner of the Italian Gymnastics Federation (Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia) and sole supplier of leotards for the Female National Team of Artistic Gymanstics.

Lissone, 30th November 2018 – A sponsorship agreement between Sigoa and Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia was signed today: starting from 1st January 2019 Sigoa will be Official Partner of FGI.

Sigoa will be named “Official Partner” of the National Senior and Junior Teams, Male and Female of Artistic Gymnastics and will be sole supplier of leotards for the Female National Team and for the individual female athletes of Artistic Gymnastics.

With this agreement, Sigoa will supply garments for the Female Italian Team and the individual female athletes of the National Artistic Gymnastics Team, with dedicated lines of leotards. Sigoa’s unique style – elegant and refined – will renew the Italian gymnasts’ look during competitions in Italy and abroad.
As FGI sponsor, Sigoa’s symbol, the Lotus Flower, will be on the leotards belonging to the male and female athletes of the National Artistic Gymnastics Team for the whole duration of the agreement.

Cav. Gherardo Tecchi, FGI President, comments: “I am very satisfied for this agreement with Sigoa, as it is drawn in a period of excellent results for the Federation. We are sure that the collaboration with a worldwide appreciated company like Sigoa will increase the importance of our Artistic Gymnastics Teams competing in international competitions”.

Sabrina Buzzi, Sigoa’s Owner and Administrator states: “This collaboration with Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia is a great result for our company. FGI has always been one of the most important Federations in the world, as well as being the Federation that represents our company from a local point of view. For this reason, the agreement is a special acknowledgement of our professionality and of the fact that we have been working hard for years to make our garments so that they are the highest example of the best Made in Italy”.

Giorgia Buzzi, Sigoa’s Owner and Art Director adds: “Being chosen to become the Official FGI Partners is a great event in the history of our company. It acknowledges the seriousness and creativity of our company making high performance technical garments which can, at the same time, express the style and elegance of the Italian fashion even during strenuous sport activity, when competition magically becomes art and show. It will be a pleasure to express all our creativity to make Collections that fully satisfy the tastes and the exigences of the athletes and that correspond to the technical requirements of the National Coach, Enrico Casella. We are already working at the Collection that will be used during the very first events in 2019”.

Federica Areddia, Sigoa’s Marketing & Communication Manager continues: “With this agreement, Sigoa has both the objective to strenghten its presence on the Italian and foreign market thanks to the results of the fashionable Italian Teams, and that of supporting and encouraging Artistic Gymnastics in Italy”

Sigoa has been supplying athletes and Federations of European countries for years; among them, the Croatian Gymnastics Federation and the Greek Gymnastics Federation. Moreover, many World and Olimpic Champions chose Sigoa’s unique style in the past years, both for competitions and training. Among them, the current brand testimonials: Vanessa Ferrari, Elisabeth Seitz e Marco Lodadio.