New site. New look. New shopping experience.

The new website is officialy online.
Visit our new e-shop for a brand new and appealing shopping experience and choose your favourite garment at your own desire and have it delivered at your house with a few clicks of the mouse!
Surf among the many Sigoa collections and discover what’s new, the colours, the capsules, the latest trends and the most glamourous looks for competitions and training. You can browse between accessories and additions. Meet and discover our Champions and the services dedicated to Sport Associations and many more.

New website and new look for Sigoa!
Sigoa is new, not only form a graphic point of view!
A new glamourous website and an online shop to buy the garments with ease and have them delivered at your house.
The customers have a personal account and a wishlist they can use not to miss any of their favourite products.
“Social” is the keyword! New interactive and sharing functions, to share the coolest looks and many other social developments soon to go online!
Also the Sports Associations will have new instruments in a personal area, to choose their team’s garments online, from the leotards to be used in base courses to those for competitions; estimated costs can be made easily and quickly. Seeing and choosing the right collection for all your exigences has never been easier!

Sigoa wants to revamp its image in Italy and abroad with this new website, as well as highlight its being a groundbreaking, dynamic and ambitious company, always very glamourous!