Your passion is our passion

At Sigoa, we have been sharing the same passion with you and for this reason we know how to offer the best to your Sports Association.

Our goal is to fully satisfy your needs for specialised technical garments.

Whether you are looking for garments in our catalogue or tailor-made garments to be personalised, for base courses, teams and recitals, Sigoa has the best answer for you and the most convenient prices for the exigences of your Sports Association.

Supplies for sports associations: Sigoa is your trustworthy partner

At Sigoa, we know the needs of your Sports Association.

We have been helping hundreds of Sports Associations, in Italy and abroad for more than ten years. We know your and your members’ needs very well and we can support you to satisfy them at their best and reach your business goals.

Your priorities are oyur priorities as well. At Sigoa, what is a priority for your sports association becomes a priority for us as well.

For this reason, we can offer you different supply options to meet different budgets and products exigences.

Wheter you are looking for garments suitable to base courses or for teams, for high competition or recitals, Sigoa can offer you a choice ranging from the products in our catalogue with many different models and customisations, to a tailor-made creation of unique garments, always at a favourable price.

Original services

Sigoa can give you the advantages of a long experience in supplying excellent products and also of different, up-to-date web advantages that will make your choices, your estimated cost requests and your orders fast and flexible.
You can chose among a huge number of models for every price range, you can customize your garments with your Sports Association’s colours and logo and request estimated costs only with a few clicks of the mouse. Moreover, our staff will offer you their expertise to suggest you what is best for your requests and to help you in case of any need.

Joiin the Sigoa business world. Ask the login credentials for your sports associations.

Many of the biggest Italian and foreign Sports Associations and Clubs have already chosen Sigoa as their trustworthy supplier.
Join the Sigoa Business World and discover all the offers and solutions that have been created expecially for you by our designers. Request your password by filling in the required fields and you will receive an ID to access a private area and discover the best offer for your exigences.
Sigoa offers you hundreds of different models and styles to meet your quality, price and performance exigences. Many collections, hundreds of models with colour, fabric, sequins and embroideries alternatives.

Leotards for male and female courses

Sigoa offers you a dedicated line of leotards for your courses, in case your Sports Association needs a uniform or technical garments to offer solely to your members. Discover Sigoa’s offer for courses.

Functionality being updated

To request a custom quote, contact us by phone: +39039.2145428.

The customization involves an additional cost that depends on various factors including the quality of the fabrics and the quantity of the colors chosen. To get a quote, you must download the ESTIMATE REQUEST FORM and send it to our offices by post. It is not possible to have further discounts on the prices on offer and the discount on the quantity of garments will be greater if no customization is required. For further details on order, payment and delivery methods, please read the Terms of Sale.