Sigoa is a lively,
modern and ambitious Italian company.

We are specialised in producing high quality leotards for male and female artistic gymnastics. Together with elegant lines and precious details we offer high technical performance of our garments.

Sigoa was founded and has been working in the productive hinterland of Milan and now exports its creations in various countries in the world. Our garments show the Italian passion for fashion, art and the beauty of shapes.

Our brand, defined by the Lotus Flower, has never ceased to grow
and renew for almost ten years
since its foundation.

Today we are one of the best known brands
on this specific Italian market;
we are worldwide recognised
for our unique style,
that mixes elegant lines and precious details
with high technical performance.

Sigoa, Artistic Gym Wear

Sabrina e Giorgia Buzzi



Sabrina and Giorgia Buzzi are sisters, owners and the brilliant co-founders of Sigoa.

During the years, thanks to the long dressmaker tradition of their family, they have been able to transform themselves, by founding a modern, groundbreaking and cosmopolitan company.

They both work in the company: the first is the head of Administration, the latter of Production.

They are supported by expert staff and managers; for this reason, Sigoa has had great results and success, both in Italy and Worldwide.